Simply stated, at Studio Shutterspeed we do stunning work. Well, we have been around for over ten years. That should tell you something! Over the years, we have developed a strong team of creative and dedicated professionals supported by efficient systems and structures all aimed at giving our clients the best possible services and experience.

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Photography is an art form. Like art, there is photography and then there is photography! Whatever the latter means, we at Studio Shutterspeed strictly subscribe to it! But, as Lewis Hine once put it, “If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera!”  We are photographers, right? The thing speaks for itself!

Video Production

The power of video lies in its versatility. By combining audio and visual elements, video is an extremely powerful medium of expression with any number of uses. At Studio Shutterspeed, we long since recognized this technological force and have committed ourselves to use it to its fullest effect to tell the most interesting and memorable stories.

Projection Services

Presentations and events need to be clear and memorable. Projectors and monitors not only support presentations but also create an unforgettable ambiance and professionalism. Projectors and monitors can also be deployed at events to enhance audience participation and comfort by amplifying the goings on through live video streaming. At Studio Shutterspeed, we have invested in the equipment and capacity necessary to provide you with all your projection services efficiently and affordably Kindly contact us to get a quotation. Thank you.!


An inevitable part of communication is good audio. After all, it is through sound that man communicates the most. We acknowledge that clear, crisp audio is necessary at any event whether as speech, music or accompanying video projection. As part of our ongoing effort to provide all round audio visual services, we are committed to investing in the equipment and capacity necessary to provide these services. At this stage, it is enough to say: Coming Soon!!!
“A picture is worth a thousand words; a movie is both.” Author Unknown

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